The real estate project will comprise an area of approximately 60,000 sqm, in the South side of Ovidiu city, on Siutghiol lakeside, respectively in front of Mamaia resort, with collective housing units having a height regime of P +4E (8 blocks), individual housing units with height regime P+1-P+2E (109 units), education units with height regime – P+1E, respectively services and trade units at the ground floor of the collective housing units.


The project will contain:

  • green areas, approximately 43% of the land area ;
  • platforms for the selective waste collection;
  • newly proposed road and pedestrian traffic areas;
  • parking lots
  • marine area for berthing and storage of sports boats

Presently, the company carries out the works at the water supply network, waste water sewerage and rainwater sewerage within the neighbourhood, as well as the execution of internal roads and access to the residential complex.

The company has completed the routes for road lighting poles. The works for the deviation of power supply networks existent in the field were previously completed. The permits are to be acquired and the works for the connection of residential complex to the gas, electricity, phone and internet networks are to be started in the immediately following period.
The company will start in the immediately following period the works for the construction of the first buildings within the residential complex.