The real estate project will include an area of ​​approximately 60,000 sqm, in the southern part of the city of Ovidiu, on the bank of the Siutghiol lake respectively in front of the Mamaia resort, with collective dwellings having a height regime of P + 4E (8 blocks), individual dwellings with a height regime. P + 1-P + 2E (109 units), educational units with height regime – P + 1E, respectively services and trade on the ground floor of collective dwellings.

  • green spaces, about 43% of the land surface;
  • platforms for selective waste collection;
  • proposed new road and pedestrian traffic;
  • parking places.
  • marina for mooring and keeping sports boats

Currently, the company is carrying out the works on the water network, domestic sewage and rainwater sewerage inside the neighborhood, as well as on the interior roads and access in the residential district, these being completed in proportion of over 80%.

The company is finalizing the routes for street lighting poles. Previously, the works to divert the existing electrical networks on the ground were completed. In the immediate period the authorizations will be obtained and the works of connecting the residential assembly to the gas network, electricity, telephone and internet will be started.

The company is about to start construction work on the first real estate within the real estate complex in the next period.